Foreclosure Defense

Cotter Law Group has represented individual borrowers and corporate defendants in some of New York’s most complex and controversial mortgage foreclosure proceedings. Our firm’s founder, Jesse C. Cotter, is an expert in all aspects of foreclosure-related matters and practice. Prior to forming the Cotter Law Group, Jesse was an Associate for one of the oldest commercial litigation, foreclosure and creditors’ rights law firms in New York State where he represented some of the country’s largest financial institutions in foreclosure proceedings throughout the State.

Jesse and his team are particularly skilled at reviewing pleadings and other court filings to locate defects in claims brought against borrowers and using these deficiencies as either a basis to have cases dismissed or as leverage when engaging in settlement discussions with the lender or servicer to obtain the most beneficial loss mitigation option available to his clients.

  • Loan Modification

  • Flex Modification

  • Repayment Plans

  • Forbearance Plans/Agreements

  • Short Sale

  • Deed-in-Lieu (“Cash for Keys”)

  • Order to Show Cause (and other emergency motions)

  • Motions to Vacate